British Library 19th Century Collection for iPad

Have you ever wanted a world class collection of classic books? How about a stunning personal library full of beautiful volumes with ornate decorations and rich bindings? What if I told you both things could be had for free and you could have access to it wherever you go? I recently downloaded this app and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the collection of books.

Though these are facsimiles of the books rather than true ebooks, the British Library has done an excellent job with them. I’ve yet to come across one that was difficult to read.

An advantage of the facsimiles is having access to color versions of the intricately designed covers and illustrations as well as any signatures or notes made by the books’ original owners. Its the next best thing to holding these classics in  your hand. Of course a disadvantage is not being able to search the book and having to navigate page by page with no way to jump to a certain chapter or page.

Best of all, access to all these books is absolutely free via iTunes!

What are some of your favorite apps of interest to readers?

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