The Secret to Remembering More of What You Read on Your Kindle

I've Got a Secret

Did you know you have a personal webpage for all your Kindle activity? I didn’t, at least not for a long time after I started using my Kindle. But, once I discovered this ‘secret’ portal,  it multiplied the effectiveness and power of my e-reading.

The address for this site is Once there, simply log in with your usual Amazon information and a whole world of information about your e-reading is available for you. You can access a list of all your Kindle books a well as all the highlights and notes you’ve made – all in one spot. But the most helpful feature for me is the Daily Review.

The home page, seen here:

Features one of your books each day at the top. Simply click “Go to your Daily Review” in the beige box and you can then page through all the highlights you made in that book, as well as add additional notes for yourself. Spaced repetition is the key to remembering so this tool is invaluable in helping you remember what you’ve read.

I suggest setting aside a time each day to use this feature to review a book you’ve read.

Right below the Daily Review box is your recent activity. Highlights and notes you’ve made most recently. Below that, the most recent activity those you follow have chosen to share. Just like other social media sites, you can set up a profile on and follow other people. With something called Public Notes the people you follow can see highlights you’ve made – if you so choose . This can be done at the book level so you can choose to share the highlights of some books you’re reading and not others.

The Kindle is a great reading and learning tool and makes it even more effective. If you’re a Kindle owner, why not check out your Kindle site and see what you’ve been missing?

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