4 Ways the Advent of Ebooks is Like the Advent of Paperbacks

Have you heard about the new approach to publishing that is transforming the way people read books and is possibly the end of the book as we know it?

We’ll if not, here’s a great post laying it all out for you – as it happened over 70 years ago:


4 Ways Paperbacks are like ebooks

Reading this brings to mind many fascinating parallels between the advent of paperbacks and the advent of ebooks. Among the ones I noticed:

  • Increased affordability. In an era when many people could not afford books, the new paperback industry made them affordable to the masses. In a similar way, ebooks in most cases are cheaper than their print equivalents.
  • Eventual market dominance of the new technology. By 1960, paperbacks were outselling hardbacks. Recently in the UK, it was reported that ebooks outsold print books.
  • The Upscaling of the new technology. Paperbacks started out as simple cheap affairs but soon became more colorful and more sophisticated, just like ebooks.
  • The report of the demise of the earlier technology was greatly exaggerated. Just as hardbacks have survived the paperback onslaught, I believe print books will survive the ebook revolution.

What other similarities are there between the move from hardback to paperback and the move from print books to ebooks?

What are the differences?

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