The Spring

The Spring a Poem by Larry Farlow

Beside the hundred year old Oak
a clear spring flows
from ‘neath the earth up to the ground above.

In ages past a traveler found
this lively spring
and built a shelter there for those to come.

As years went on tired travelers used
this peaceful spring
to ease their burdens as they traveled on.

Weary bodies of man and beast
returned to life
by cool clear waters shaded ‘neath the oak.

In time some men came dressed alike
to water there
their horses and replenish their supply.

They’d traveled days to make it to
this shady spot
yet must not stay but move on to the line.

Grey ranks move out and prayers are said
beside the spring
for wives and children peacefully at home.

As hours move on faint rumblings come
back to the spring
drifting along with smoke across the miles.

The line they’d reached had failed to hold.
To shaded spring
they fled headlong pursued by lead and fear.

Weary bodies of man and beast,
clinging to life
come to the shady waters once again.

Beside the hundred year old Oak
a red spring flows
from men whose lives flow out into the earth.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with using poetry to tell a story, not just evoke a feeling. This is one of my first attempts. Feel free to let me know what you think, provide constructive criticism, etc.

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