Roundup of Stories on Syria

Roundup of Stories on Syria

The potential US bombardment of the nation of Syria has been front and center in the news in recent days. Here is some of the best of the web on the topic.

Doug Wilson discusses the concept of just war and whether that applies to an attack on Syria:

Syrian Just War, or Just War in Syria?

Rob Slane bemoans the lack of wisdom among our elected officials who see bombing Syria as the solution to the issues there:

Another day, another phoney war.

Pat Buchanan urges the US Congress to stop abdicating their constitutional responsibility:

Congress Should Veto Obama’s War

There have been many shocking videos showcasing the barbarism of the Al Qaeda linked Syrian rebels. Here is one that has not been showcased as much where a group of rebels stops three truck drivers and summarily executes them for being the wrong type of Muslim:

Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorists Stop Truck Drivers on Side of Road then Execute them for not being Sunni Muslims

I pray that cooler heads and the rule of law will prevail in this country before something as serious as attacking another nation takes place. I pray also for Christians in Syria who have been some of the primary victims of this tragedy and who face even more persecution and death should the Syrian rebels prevail, with or without our help.


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