Good For Thee But Not For Me

You may have heard about New York mayor de Blasio’s crusade against the city’s charter schools. People are rightfully outraged at his willingness to sacrifice the education of some of New York’s poorest children to pay back supporters in the teacher unions. This, they say, is yet another example of liberal hypocrisy. The left talks about wanting to help children but when they have an opportunity to really do so, they place ideology ahead of helping. And I agree with that assessment.

However, there’s another aspect of this story you don’t hear about: the complicity of the parents. It took me about thirty seconds to find the most recent New York mayoral election results on line from the New York Times. Look at the results by demographic and you find de Blasio received over 96% of the black vote and over 90% of the hispanic vote. Black voters especially have been voting as a bloc for leftist progressive candidates for the last forty years.  So, in a very real sense, they’ve brought this on themselves.

You see, the funny thing about progressives is they eventually get around to everybody. You may be voting for them to stick it to the man today but tomorrow you’re the one getting stuck. The mindset that demands equality of outcome regardless of merit, which drives things like affirmative action schemes, is now being applied to black children in charter schools – and their parents don’t like it when it impacts them.  Sadly, after 50 years of government programs that have not only not helped black people but made things worse for them, especially in the inner cities, black voters continue to support candidates who portray them as victims and assure them that success is just one more government program or redistribution scheme away.

I predict de Blasio will close the charter schools. Why shouldn’t he if that benefits him politically with the labor unions? He knows that at the next election he will still receive a super-majority of the black and hispanic vote if he’s got that “D” by his name.

For more on this situation, take a look at the video below. It puts a little girl’s face on this tragedy. I don’t know who Alise’s mother voted for, or if she voted at all in the mayoral election. But, I do know that well over 90% of the men and women in Alise’s neighborhood who did vote, helped to put her and her mother in this predicament.


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