Running Away From Reality

Running Away From RealityIn November 1942 one of Boston’s most popular nightspots, The Cocoanut Grove, caught fire while hosting upwards of a thousand people. To this day, The Cocoanut Grove fire is the deadliest nightclub fire in history with 492 people killed. Part of the reason for the high fatality rate was the lack of adequate fire exits. The main door from the street was a single revolving door. As panicked patrons fled the fire, the door became a deathtrap. Rushed by hundreds of people, it soon was jammed with a mass of bodies and stopped working. Firefighters had to dismantle the door to gain access. As a result of this fire, building codes were later changed to require that outward opening standard doors always flank revolving doors.

Many in our culture today are as afraid of reality as the Cocoanut Grove patrons were of the flames that night. They are looking for any exit they can find to prevent them having to deal with life as it really is. However, the revolving door to relativism is beginning to slow. The consequences of pretending things are other than they are are starting to stack up and jam the works.

Nowhere is this truer than in issues of gender and sexuality, especially in the increasingly bizarre world of the “transgendered.” We’re told with a straight face that some biologically male people are really female and vice versa (as an aside, don’t you love how progressives tout science in support of their ideology, except when science is inconvenient?). At first it was just that some men are really women and must “transition” to their true gender. Now we’ve moved on to the bizarro world of more than just two genders and gender being “fluid” and changing over time. So, you might be a man today and a woman tomorrow and then a man again next week, followed by some third gender the week after. When feelings trump biology there’s no end to the iterations of being that must be accommodated.

The trouble is, this nonsense is not sustainable. It soon begins to jam up the works of society proving an inconvenience even to its supporters. What, for example, do you do if you’re a left-wing feminist all women’s university and a man wants to join your ranks claiming, despite his XY chromosomes, he’s really a woman? Or how about when the same fellow wants to join the monthly meeting of the Down With the Patriarchy Club that is usually a male member free zone? It’s enough to give the president of the Gloria Steinem Fan Club a headache.

The most recent lunacy comes courtesy of the abortion lobby – no strangers themselves to pretending things are not what they really are. Worried about being exclusionary (you know, the unforgivable sin), activist Lauren Rankin thinks the abortion industry should stop promoting abortion using slogans like “the War on Women” or “Stand with Texas Women” because they exclude the men who have abortions. Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. In the bizarro world of transsexuality, men can have abortions because, of course, when a woman says she’s a man, she is one, despite the ovaries and womb that have made possible the baby growing in her body that she now wants to murder. A baby presumably conceived when she had sex with someone whose body was able to produce sperm but who may or may not have been male. This is so bizarre that columnist Katha Pollitt, despite being both pro-abortion and pro-transgender inclusion, wrote a piece arguing against Rankin’s thesis. What’s interesting is that Pollitt almost could not bring herself to write something making the obvious point that only women have abortions. Because she has been so indoctrinated by the feelings equal reality crowd, she was worried she’d “hurt and disappoint” people by sharing the bleedin’ obvious with them:

That is why I’ve started this column many times over many months and put it aside. I tell myself I might be wrong—it’s happened before.

No, Katha, I’m pretty sure you’re not wrong, only women can have abortions because only women can get pregnant.

What should our reaction to this be? On the one hand, it could cause us to despair even more for our culture. But, on the other hand, it could be a sign of hope. One can only run from reality for so long. I can pretend gravity is merely a social construct while I’m between the tenth floor and the second floor of the building I just threw myself off of but after that it becomes a harder position to maintain. I think we’re in a similar situation with sex and gender. The further from the jumping off point we get the more bizarre the claims get and the more likely they are to be seen for what they are, just so much stuff and nonsense. When even those who are inclined to agree with the left can no longer support the outlandish claims of the gender and sexuality lobby, the size-challenged cisgender female has begun to sing.

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  1. Isn’t it nice how you accuse LGBT people of only trusting science when it’s convenient, when in fact you are the one who is only trusting science when it’s convenient? How very fallacious of you, sir. In hopes that this will help uncloud your opinion of our community, let me take the liberty of explaining. Please google “DSM 5 DYSPHORIA” and “GENDER DYSPHORIA SCHOLARLY ARTICLES” to confirm everything I’m saying for yourself. Go ahead, it’s all there, written down all nice and pretty for you by the American Psychological Association.
    The DSM 5 states that, “For a person to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, there must be a marked difference between the
    individual’s expressed/experienced gender and the gender others would assign him or her… This condition causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. ” If you read the whole article, as well as other scholarly articles on the subject, you’ll find that dysphoria is a kind of mental disorder not dissimilar to depression or anxiety. In fact, the most common symptoms, apart from the obvious, are depression, anxiety, self harm, and the always lovely suicide. But, you say (or at least, some people have claimed- apologies if this is a bit of a strawman, I wouldn’t want to have to recollect my thoughts and type more if you did express this opinion). If you have a mental disorder, why aren’t you trying to fix it! That’s what we always do with mental disorders. Well, I am trying to fix it.
    According to the seventh edition of the Standards of Care, “Transsexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming individuals are not inherently disordered. Rather, the distress of gender dysphoria, when present, is the concern that might be diagnosable and for which various treatment options are available.” What are the treatment options presented? Well, you can read for yourself. Hormones, surgery, and extensive therapy. You may make the mistake of believing that trans individuals are just little rebel teenagers with no support from society at large. Quite the opposite. I am currently in the care of a more general therapist. Eventually, I will go to a clinic specifically to be diagnosed. Once I have been diagnosed, I will consult many specialists on whether to take testosterone, when, and whether I’d like any surgeries done. This is a very specific, scientific, psychological, and necessary process for trans individuals. We aren’t just boys wearing skirts, we have a very large problem with our identity and seek help to fix it. Do you remember that list of symptoms I gave? Well, you might not understand it being cis, but to trans people, hearing their pronouns is like removing all of their anxieties, solving their depression, taking away all the sharp objects they own and curing their suicidal thoughts. It’s a psychological thing, and a very nuanced psychological thing. In fact, it is ridiculously nuanced, so please don’t feel bad if you don’t get it. At the same time, maybe you should take the American Psychological Association’s word on psychology every once in a while.
    Apologies for the long paragraph, your dig on our supposed scientific hypocrisy may have gotten a bit much on my nerves.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Let me just ask this: If you provided a DNA sample to a lab and they were asked to type the sample by gender, what would the result be? The truth is, the result would show “male.” And this will remain true always, no matter what kind of treatments you pursue in an effort to change genders. This is what I mean when I say science. I’m talking about hard science, that which can be proven by lab results, tests, etc. If I have cancer, the doctor can determine that beyond reasonable doubt using a series of physical tests. Psychology is a soft science at best. It has no ability to make objective, scientific diagnoses for conditions such as “Gender Dysphoria.” The only thing a psychologist can do is listen to the patient describe what they are feeling. The diagnosis, as with most of what is represented in the DSM, is based 100% on the patient’s self-reporting symptoms.

      I don’t deny there is an issue that is giving you anxiety. We all have those kinds of things in our lives – areas where reality doesn’t line up with the way we’d like things to be. However, the solution is to work to change our thinking to match reality, not try to change reality to match our thinking.

      Of course, the ultimate reality we all must come to grips with is the existence of a God to whom we are accountable and the truth that we can be reconciled to this God through His Son Jesus Christ. No other reality is more important than that. In fact, until we can see that reality, we will to some degree see all other realities in a skewed way because the world truly makes sense only through the light of the truth of the Gospel.

      Thanks again for taking time to comment.


      1. Now, let’s address the argument. Firstly, insulting psychology. Psychology, and especially the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, is not a wishy washy fake science. I understand how you could come to that conclusion- however, if you would take the time to do a bit of research, you’d find many articles seeking to find and explain the root of gender dysphoria. Although there are many biological reasons (and trust me, psychology is just biology), some theories include hormone imbalances, chromosome-related issues, societal pressure, mental issues, etc. I can’t list links for every single theory, nor are most of them very solid or a full explanation, but I encourage you to google it if you’re curious. As for your criticism of the DSM- well, I just find it sort of silly. Do you advocate that we shouldn’t trust the DSM in regards to depression? Anxiety disorders? Autism? What other serious mental disorders do you think are merely illusions and lies because psychology isn’t a “hard science”? What would you suggest we do about people with autism if you don’t think we should trust psychologists to do psychology? Should we tell them to get off their asses and learn some social skills? Should we tell people with depression to cheer the fuck up already because all this “imbalances in serotonin in the brain” stuff is just soft science bullshit? Would you encourage doctors to treat patients who experience seizures with, say, exorcisms?
        Saying “wake up and smell the roses” isn’t helping anyone. In fact, it’s killing people. That viewpoint takes the lives of hundreds. Ever heard of Leelah Alcorn? Beautiful trans teenager? Threw herself in front of a bus because her parents didn’t accept her and tried to do the same thing you’re advocating here? I’m not saying it’s your fault, nor do I think that you are aware how damaging your opinion is, but I am saying that you should rethink your position if that position could result in such damage.
        And even if you think that the treatment prescribed by expert scientists and health professionals isn’t good enough, what do you think should be done? Should the greater part of society ignore the needs of trans individuals? Force them into gender roles that we deem proper? Perhaps, as a Christian, you might suggest we send them off to conversion therapy? To be raped. And mentally tortured. And sometimes physically tortured. And come out either dead or just as trans as they used to be. You admit that we have an issue. And you act as if that issue needs a solution. And yet you scoff at a solution that is proven to improve lives, and you provide no alternative other than your holy text for the poor people who would no doubt be alienated by a society you seem to think is ideal. Maybe you don’t know this because you probably haven’t had a mental issue that couldn’t be fixed by a good cry and your favourite passage from John, but psychology and mental health is a systemic thing. It’s a network of millions of people across the world working together to help people who need help. If you really think the Bible is the best “cure,” I’m sorry, but we need a better one than that. It’s called secular healthcare. People believe in millions of different things, and in this enormous amazing network of altruistic and diverse people everywhere in the world, such a personal and frankly unscientific treatment will not suffice. Maybe do a few studies to prove that being christian causes people to be magically heterosexual cisgender people, and perhaps your thought process will get somewhere, but until then, this treatment stands as the best possible one. And frankly, I’m glad, because it’s working damn well for me.

  2. Rather than boil the ocean, let’s stick to the issue at hand. There is no biology to support that a person with XY chromosomes and testes is, in fact female or can ever become female through surgery or hormone injections. Much less that there are more than two genders. In fact, taking such a position is actually anti-science, akin to thinking the sun revolves around the earth or that leeches make good medicine.

    A man who thinks he’s a woman is no different than a man who thinks he’s Napoleon. He is not living within the realm of reality. The question then is what to do for such a person? Do we indulge his belief, teach him French and surround him with people who will call him “your majesty,” or do we disabuse him of the notion that he’s Napoleon? I’d suggest the more compassionate response is to tell the man the truth and work with him to bring his thought process in line with reality. Using perhaps a closer example, there is a condition called Apotemnophilia where an abled bodied person sees themselves as an amputee and wants to have perfectly healthy limbs taken off in order to change their reality so that it matches their belief about themselves. Is the compassionate thing to have a surgeon remove a perfectly healthy arm or leg just to help this person live in their fantasy world? Of course not. No ethical doctor would do such a thing.

    Again, if what we think about ourselves does not match reality, we have two choices, change what we think to match reality or change reality to match what we think – something which is not possible where altering one’s gender is concerned.

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