The Case of the Cagey Chromosome

The Case of the Cagey ChromosomeA courtroom in America, the year 2025.

“Ladies, gentlemen, fluid, nonconforming, questioning and neutrois of the jury, you’ve heard the prosecution’s claim that my client’s DNA was found under the victim’s fingernails. You’ve also heard that my client’s blood was found on the victim’s body and clothing. However, let me remind you that according to the testimony of the pathologist who examined the blood evidence, the perpetrator of this crime was a man.

“Let me remind you also that my client is a woman, having transitioned from male to female approximately two years ago. Since this crime was committed only six months ago and, by the prosecutions own admission, by a man, you cannot convict my client for this crime. Per the federal Gender Violence Reduction Act of 2021, misgendering someone is considered a violent act and can result in prosecution for assault with the possibility of additional penalties under hate speech statues.

“I ask you to consider carefully whether a woman can be convicted of a crime, that according to the evidence, was committed by a man. I ask you also not to violate my client’s civil rights by misgendering her in a misguided effort to convict.

The defense rests.”

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