Warning: Political Correctness May be Hazardous to Your Health

Warning: Political Correctness may be hazardous to your healthRecently in suburban Atlanta, a real estate agent was attacked by someone while showing them a property. While this occasionally happens, there’s a twist to this story:

“What she did notice about the suspect was he was a male wearing women’s clothing and a woman’s wig,” said Cpl. Michelle Pihera with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Ten years ago, a real estate agent arriving for a showing to find a man dressed in women’s clothing and a wig would likely not have gone through with the showing and perhaps even called the police. It’s clear the woman in this case was uncomfortable because she would not enter the house with the person. But why didn’t she simply leave without showing the house when faced with what any reasonable person would consider a red flag?  Ever hear of a bakery called “Sweet Cakes by Melissa?”  I suspect the agent did not believe canceling the showing was an option because she was afraid of being accused of bigotry. I can see the headlines now: “Local real estate agent accused of discrimination after refusing to show house to transgender woman.” This is where we are as a culture. You will accept, no, celebrate, that man in a dress who walks into the women’s restroom or the women’s locker room at your health club else you are a transphobic bigot.

Now that a very small minority of homosexual activists has succeeded in hijacking our culture to the land of alternate reality with regard to marriage, an even smaller minority of “transgenders” is seeking to take us further inland. People are so afraid of crossing these gender confused storm troopers that recently a college newspaper included a disclaimer when saying menstruation is a woman’s issue lest they offend “men” who menstruate or “women” who don’t. And Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro was recently threatened with bodily harm for refusing to play along with Bob Tur’s fantasy that he’s a woman.

I predict we’ll see more instances like this. People wanting to be tolerant or who are afraid of running afoul of the diversity police will ignore the warning bell in their head and end up in a dangerous situation. The danger is particularly acute for women (real ones) since the nature of the “transgender” dynamic is that men posing as women now have unchallenged access to venues previously limited to women only.

We need a return to sanity in the public square. We need people to stand up and say with regard to the “transgender” movement that we will not subordinate common sense, basic modesty and public safety to the confused feelings of a tiny subset of society.

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