But We Do More than Kill Babies!

Cecile Richards, Gauleiter of Planned Parenthood, has taken, of late, to listing all the things they do besides murdering children. On Wednesday her organization tweeted:

PP nonsense

Ok, let’s give credit where it’s due. They do indeed provide sex education. We know that ’cause we got that on video too. Here’s a Planned Parenthood official explaining the finer points of S&M and bondage to a 15 year old girl and suggesting that she (a minor) and her boyfriend visit a local sex shop.

(Warning: Graphic and sexually explicit content)

And what about providing birth control? Lest we short-change them further, I must admit they are also helpful to pimps seeking to obtain birth control and abortions for their underage prostitutes.

So, yes, Cecile, we do realize you do things other than just kill babies.

2 Replies to “But We Do More than Kill Babies!”

  1. Poor Planned Parenthood, getting such a bum rap. Everyone keeps focusing on *just* the abortions they perform, not everything else they do. It’s like how everyone keeps focusing on the concentration camps when the Nazis did more than *just* kill Jews.

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