Men on A Train

Men on A TrainBy now you’ve heard of the courageous actions of three American men who prevented a massacre on a French train. As the story has unfolded, we also learned about two French men who risked their lives in the initial stages of the attack and were wounded trying to stop the gunman. The most complete coverage I’ve seen of the series of events can be read here.

The three Americans have become a cause celebre in France and were given the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Legion of Honor. Why such accolades? Certainly because people realize the carnage that was avoided. But, I think there’s more to it than that. This has struck a chord because these men acted like men and masculinity is in short supply these days, at least in the public arena.

Sadly we have example after example today of men who don’t act like men. Men do what these men did, they use their God-given strength and courage to stand in the gap for those in danger. They defend the weak against the strong. They do not drive their wives or girlfriends to the abortion clinic to have their baby murdered. They do not use their strength to loot stores and businesses or abuse women and children. They do not set up accounts on Ashley Madison. They do not fling their masculinity in God’s face like a spoiled child who didn’t receive the gift he wanted at Christmas and declare themselves to be women (and while we’re on that subject let’s be clear, if you want to see courage, look at these men, not at Bruce Jenner).

Of course, I cannot speak to the character of these men in all aspects of their lives because I don’t know them. But I do know that in this moment, they acted like men and many people are alive today because they did.

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  1. Amen and Amen. Well articulated, Larry. Very proud of those guys standing in the gap. The potential carnage that day can only be imagined.

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