A Tale of Two Schools

A Tale of Two SchoolsIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times…wait, how can it be both? You can’t have it both ways can you? Well, there are some people who think you can.

This week in Villa Rica, Georgia, a church conducted a baptism before football practice at the local high school. The baptism was done on school property but there is no indication any of the players baptized or any in attendance to watch were coerced to participate. There’s also no indication the event was promoted or endorsed by the school in any way.

Predictably a firestorm has erupted with the atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation threatening a lawsuit and the school system quickly agreeing to “investigate.”

Meanwhile at a high school in St. Louis, Missouri, 150 students walked out in protest because the school allowed a boy pretending to be a girl to use the girls’ locker room.  The school offered to provide a gender-neutral changing area for him but he insisted on being allowed into the girls’ locker room leading to concerns from both students and parents.

This situation too is likely headed for court unless, of course, the school caves to the “transgender” student.

In one situation, students who are not forcing their beliefs on anyone are treated like criminals while in the other situation, a student who is very much forcing his beliefs on others, is treated like a martyr and entitled to government protection under Title IX.

So yes, the progressive left in this country does want it both ways. They want to impose their beliefs on the public under threat of force while using that same threat of force to stop others from expressing beliefs they don’t like. They accuse others of intolerance while being among the most intolerant people in history.

Baptized football players are a threat to no one. But, they must be stopped because those who believe in God are always viewed as a threat by those who see themselves in that role.

“Death may beget life, but oppression can beget nothing other than itself.” – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

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