Why is Europe the Destination of Choice for Syrian Refugees?

I saw this on Twitter recently:


Voices of Youth is “UNICEF’s global online community for young people who want to know more, do more and say more about the world.” Far be it from me to question the motives of the United Nations but I do have a few questions:

Why are people “running towards Europe” when it is several hundred miles farther away than Jordan or Saudi Arabia or even Egypt? Why is Europe obligated to Muslim refugees to a greater degree than their Islamic neighbors are? If “no human being can be illegal” and everyone has a right to live anywhere they choose with no regard for borders or local laws and customs, why go hundreds of miles out of your way when there is an oil rich kingdom you could reach several hours sooner?

And besides, wasn’t Saudi Arabia just chosen to head the UN Human Rights Council? Given that, shouldn’t they be air lifting their Muslim brothers and sisters into the kingdom so they don’t have such a long trek?

Just seems a bit illogical to me unless there is something else at work here than mere expediency and humanitarianism.

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