Let’s Tone Down the Rhetoric

David, listen, Nathan here, you got a minute? Good, there’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.

Let's Tone Down the Rhetoric
“Thou Art the Man” by Peter Fredrick Rothermel

Suppose, and I’m speaking purely hypothetically here, suppose there was a poor man who had only one lamb. He loved it and treated it like his own child. It slept with him and ate with his family.

Follow me so far? OK, good.

Well, one day a rich guy who had lots and lots of lambs needed something to feed a friend who dropped by. But, instead of butchering, well, not butchering, let’s say preparing, one of his own lambs to feed his friend, he took the poor mans lamb instead and fed it to his friend – but he may have asked him first, I’m not sure. Anyway, do you think anything should be done to him?

David: Well, if he asked him first, then no. But, if he didn’t he should probably be punished and make restitution for the lamb.

Nathan: Good, well, and I mean this in the most loving way, you’re kinda like that guy – maybe just a little anyway.

David: I’m not following you.

Nathan: Well, this is awkward, but that whole thing with Bathsheba? She was Uriah’s only wife, you’ve got lots of wives? You murd…I mean arranged for him to fight in a particularly fierce battle where he was killed by the enemy?

David: Yeah, that was unfortunate. I’m not really seeing the connection though with the rich guy and the lamb.

Nathan: Yeah, I guess you’re right. Not really the same at all.

David: OK, well, thanks for stopping by.

Nathan: Any time. We’re still good, right?

David: Sure, why wouldn’t we be?

Nathan: Just wanted to be sure I hadn’t offended or upset you.


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