In Which I Decide What To Do When I Grow Up

OK, if anything needs a trigger warning it’s probably this. However, you should watch it anyway to see the depths to which our culture has sunk. That LGBT+ slope ain’t a bit slippery.

This is a 52 year old man who not only “identifies” as a woman but also as a six year old girl. He’s actually found some people crazy enough to bring him into their home along side their own children and be his “mummy and daddy.”

Of course in order to make this “transition” he abandoned his wife and seven children. You, of course, are supposed to celebrate this and be fully supportive of him or else be labeled “transphobic.”

Starting today, I’m going to “identify” as a 19 year old world-class athlete. I can’t wait to start pulling in the big bucks from a professional sports franchise of my choosing. But, just in case they don’t hire me, I have a stable of lawyers standing by to bring suit for discrimination.

I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, behold the fruit of 60 years of leftist social policies:

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