5 Steps to Reading the Bible All the Way Through

lgfarlow_five_steps_to_reading_the_bible_all_the_way_through-2Many people have never read the Bible all the way through. A recent study found that only 20% of Americans had ever read the entire Bible. When you look at those identifying themselves as Christians, the numbers are much better at 61% but that still leaves a large number of Christians who’ve never read all of sacred scripture.

My guess is, among those who have not read the entire Bible, there are many who would like to but feel it is too daunting a task. If you’re among that number this little book is for you. I’d like to show you how simple (not easy!) it is to read God’s word all way through in a year or even less.

Here you’ll find 5 Steps for Reading the Bible Through (RBT) in a predetermined period of time, usually a year – things like Having the Right Mindset, Choosing the Right Bible & Staying on Track.

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5 Steps to Reading the Bible All the Way Through