Betty and Gloria Survive A Not Terror Attack

Betty and Gloria Survive A Not Terror AttackBetty & Gloria were on the subway headed home from their weekly fight the patriarchy rally. As the train pulled into the next stop a man dressed in black boarded. As soon as the doors closed he pulled out a gun and began waving it around.

“Alluha Akbaaaaaarr.” He shouted

“Oh no, Betty,” Gloria screamed “it’s one of those fundamentalist Christians who hates gay people!”

“I know and he’s, he’s, he’s got one of those things!”

“What things?” said Gloria

“Those gun things. It could jump out of his hand at any moment and kill us all!”

“Listen infidels,” the man said “I’m a loyal soldier of ISIS here to inflict Allah’s justice on the decadent west.”

“What did he say?” asked Betty, who was cowering under the seat by now.

“That he’s from the NRA and he’s here to make sure ten year olds can buy fully automatic weapons at gun shows,” whispered Gloria.

“Oh no, we’re doomed. Those people are as crazy as it gets!”

“Shut up infidel spawns of Satan!” the man barked.

By the time the train pulled into the next station the platform was filled with police and SWAT. The man began threatening to shoot the passengers.

As he leveled his gun at Betty & Gloria, a shot rang out. The man dropped to the floor. The police rushed the car and in moments it was over thanks to a police sharpshooter.

Afterwards Betty & Gloria were interviewed by the police.

“Ma’am, what can you tell us about what happened?”

“Don’t you ma’am me you cisgender fascist,” said Betty.

“Oh, sorry, well, what did you ladi…um…I mean can you tell me what happened?”

“It’s all kind of a blur,” said Gloria. “The only thing I remember for sure is that he was waving a Confederate flag.”

Betty and Gloria walked along in silence as they headed home wondering how this could have happened. Finally Betty said:

“You know Gloria, it occurs to me that perhaps we’re wrong about this man.”

“How do you mean?”

“I bet he was just a self-loathing transgender man who had been oppressed his whole life by being forced to use the women’s restroom and he finally just had enough.”

“You could be right,” said Gloria. “And if that’s true, you can’t really blame him. I bet he’s even had people bully him by refusing to use his preferred pronoun.”

“Yes,” said Betty. “It’s sad. What a mixed up world we live in.”

“Indeed.” said Gloria.





Why is Europe the Destination of Choice for Syrian Refugees?

I saw this on Twitter recently:


Voices of Youth is “UNICEF’s global online community for young people who want to know more, do more and say more about the world.” Far be it from me to question the motives of the United Nations but I do have a few questions:

Why are people “running towards Europe” when it is several hundred miles farther away than Jordan or Saudi Arabia or even Egypt? Why is Europe obligated to Muslim refugees to a greater degree than their Islamic neighbors are? If “no human being can be illegal” and everyone has a right to live anywhere they choose with no regard for borders or local laws and customs, why go hundreds of miles out of your way when there is an oil rich kingdom you could reach several hours sooner?

And besides, wasn’t Saudi Arabia just chosen to head the UN Human Rights Council? Given that, shouldn’t they be air lifting their Muslim brothers and sisters into the kingdom so they don’t have such a long trek?

Just seems a bit illogical to me unless there is something else at work here than mere expediency and humanitarianism.

Islam & The West – A Much Needed History Lesson

History is more or less bunk. – Henry Ford

I’m not sure the context in which Mr. Ford uttered those words but if he were alive today it could easily be in response to the history taught regarding Islam and its interaction with the west. While the most recent historical bunk on this topic came from President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, it did not start with him. The president was only parroting what’s taught from coast to coast in secondary schools and universities – and has been for years.

Things like:

  • There is a moral equivalence between the Crusades and Islamic jihad throughout the years
  • There was a “golden age” of Islam, especially in Spain, where Muslims, Christians and Jews all lived in harmony
  • Islam preserved the knowledge of the classical world for future generations.

In the video below, Dr. Bill Warner debunks each of these, and more. It’s well worth the 45 minute investment to watch it. However, while I applaud his thoroughness in gathering and presenting the data to tell the story of Islam, I disagree with his premise as to why the true history of Islam is not taught in the west.

Warner says its out of fear that we water down the history of Islamic atrocities. That, like an abused spouse, the west has been so battered by Islam over the years that we view it through rose colored glasses as a self-defense mechanism. Frankly, I don’t buy that. The history of Islam is rewritten because doing so helps marginalize Christianity and minimize its importance in the founding and flourishing of western culture – something those in the ivory towers of academia are always keen to do.

Nevertheless, watch this video. You’ll learn some things about the history of Islam that may surprise you.

Islam – Lectures on Calvinism by Abraham Kuyper – Part IV

Abraham Kuyper, Lectures on Calvinism, Islam
Portrait of Abdul Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1876-1909). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Islam made it’s appearance in the seventh century, it’s humble beginnings belied it’s future influence. By Abraham Kuyper’s time, under the Ottoman Empire, Islam was practiced over a large portion of the world including many places, such as Syria and Asia Minor, that had been Christian for hundreds of years earlier in history. Though the Ottoman Empire was in it’s final decades by the time Kuyper delivered these lectures, Islam would live on.

As we continue to look at Abraham Kuyper’s Lectures on Calvinism given at Princeton University in 1898, we’ll now consider his views on Islam and how that belief system answers the three life-system questions.

How Does Man Relate to God?

In paganism we saw that God is indistinguishable from the creation. Kuyper sees Islam as the antithesis of this. In Islam, there is no contact between the creature and God. As Kuyper puts it, in Islam God’s role is to “avoid all commingling with the creature.” This leads to Islamic beliefs about heaven or paradise being a place of personal sensual indulgence and pleasure rather than a place where man is in the presence of God.

How Does Man Relate to Man ?

One need only look around to see that there are many differences among men. According to Kuyper a belief system must explain why that is and their explanation of that translates into how other people are treated. He says of Islam:

Under Islamism, which dreams of its paradise of houries, sensuality usurps public authority, and the woman is the slave of man, even as the kafir is the slave of the Moslim.

In other words, if heaven is a place where sensuality is king and that is achieved by subordinating some people to others, the same attitude will reign on earth. If it’s going to be a woman’s job to cater to my sexual needs for eternity in paradise, why should I see her as my equal here and now?

How Does Man Relate to the World?

Islamism places too low an estimate upon the world, makes sport of it and triumphs over it in reaching after the visionary world of a sensual paradise.

It was a bit difficult to draw out Kuyper’s beliefs about Islam in this work since he deals with it less than any of the other belief systems. However,he later wrote a more extensive work dealing with Islam. If you’d like to explore Kuyper’s teaching on this topic some more, it can be read at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library:

The Mystery of Islam by Abraham Kuyper

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